Breaking Clay & Geeking Out

A client of mine took me Skeet shooting in late 2014 and again this spring. I have to say I’ve really gotten into it.

There’s a really nice range no more than 10 minutes from my house so it’s pretty convenient to go down on the weekend to make some noise and break some clay (as they say).

I ended up getting my own shotgun and everything! Like any “hobby” there are many accessories you can get.  I’m slowly starting to get all the bits and pieces together & fit in with the regulars.  Still need a vest though…

Pro Tip: Wal-Mart has the BEST prices on Ammo!  25-50% cheaper than everywhere else.

If you know me you know I’m kind of a geek (true story).  When I bought my shotgun it came with a rebate.  It wasn’t a cash rebate it was a TECH rebate!  The rebate was a “TactaCam” that mounts on the barrel of the gun & lets you shoot HD video of your hunt (or skeet in my case).


The Tactacam can also be setup to automatically takes pictures at a rate of 1-frame a second so it works perfectly as a time-lapse camera.  Here are a few videos from our first outing:

The camera had slipped to the side and we didn’t notice it for a while.  After this outing we determined we needed to change the mounting point as well as use the closed back to cut down on the noise of the firing mechanism.

The TactaCam has a 4x zoom that’s equivalent to a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera.  That means what you see is what you get.  It’s not a wide (fisheye) view that you get with the GoPro and the picture quality is pretty amazing.

Pretty neat toy to play around with and we’re looking forward to finding other uses for the TactaCam.  Might be a good additional camera when we’re out shooting with the GoPro.

‘Supermoon’ Eclipse Videos

Sunday turned out to be overcast and as the day went on it looked like it wasn’t going to be any better for the Supermoon Eclipse that was supposed to start around 8pm.  Then around 7:30pm things started looking better and I decided to setup the GoPro on a tripod and see what I could do.

I’m still figuring out all the settings on this camera & as soon as I saw the results of the “NightLapse” I realized I had the camera set to medium vs narrow.  In all fairness the GoPro is designed for a much closer subject & if I had to do it all again I would have used the trusty Nikon D2x to shoot a series of stills and stitch them together afterwards.

Here are the results both cropped and right out of the camera.  I will say that the low-light performance of the GoPro is pretty impressive and I have a few ideas for some night shots in the near future.  The Moon is blown out for the first half.  I think I know what caused that.


“Among the Hidden” Book Series

How does this book sound to you?

In a futuristic society the world is controlled by a new government and “The Population Police” who have decreed that no family shall have more than two children. These laws having been brought on supposedly by overpopulation, severe famine and death. Any child being born third or after in a family is a “shadow child” not to be seen by anyone or they will be taken away and killed along with their family and anyone who harbors them. – Book synopsis from Wikipedia

Sounds like a scary scenario right?  Here’s the kicker.  My son was assigned this book to read in 6th grade!  Doesn’t that seem a little dark for pre-teen kids?  I’m not alone according to some of the reviews on Amazon.

When I asked him about the Diary of Anne Frank he’d never heard of it.  This “Among the Hidden” book has a similar premise of hiding form the outside but at least Frank’s tale is true & discusses an important part of world history.

Not sure what to think of this…

Are You Ready For Some Futsal?

Went downtown with the boy on Saturday and stopped by Pan Am Plaza to check out some Futsal.  We’re both Soccer (MLS & EPL) fans but neither of us have ever heard of Futsal before!  This was titled the “Mayor’s International Futsal Cup 2015” & there was a pretty large turnout for the event.

In a nutshell this is 5 on 5 soccer played on a small, hard court using a smaller ball.  Unlike he full-sized game scoring is done quite frequently & it’s non-stop action.  We took some pictures and made a few court-side recordings with the GoPro (I’ll post those after I get a chance to edit the footage).

Once the rain stopped it was a great way to spend a few hours downtown!