2014 Mass Ave Criterium

Took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather today and head Downtown to watch some of the Mass Avenue Criterium races.  It runs from Noon until around 9PM with all levels of racing including some public rides on the closed course.

As usual I had camera in hand & captured some of the action as well as some of the sights around the area.

From a Cell phone!

So I’m doing a little work after hours and away from home (too many distractions).  As I continue to test OS X Yosemite and iOS8 I decided to try using my iPhone 5s as a hot spot.

Screenshot 2014-07-28 19.21.51

Wow!  I though things were cruising right along but I had NO IDEA I was getting this kinds of speeds.  I normally use a dedicated Verizon Hot Spot but it kind of seems pointless if I can get this kind of Internet bandwidth from my cell phone.

This is better that I’m getting at home from U-Verse and paying $56 a month for…

Yes, I can hear you now Paul, loud and clear!