Finally! – WordPress for BlackBerry

wordpressWordPress for BlackBerry › WordPress for BlackBerry Public Beta.

I’ve been testing this application since it was released & for V1 it’s pretty good!  I’ve used various plug-ins to automate posting while mobile.  This application solves all of that & makes Mo-Blogging a piece of cake.  If you are a Blogger & a Blackberry user, check it out, I think you will be very happy with the results.

Introducing: The Potty Patch

Official Potty Patch Website – Now Your Pet Can Go When He Needs To

OK folks, this is just gross…  If you are SO lazy that you can’t take your dog outside (and pick up after it), maybe you should NOT have a DOG!  To bad Billy Mays (RIP) is not still around to pitch this one!

Bourbon shortage hits Kentucky distiller

The Louisville (Ky.) Courier-Journal reported this week:

A half-dozen liquor stores in Louisville and Southern Indiana reported Monday that they still had 750-milliliter bottles of Knob Creek available, at prices ranging from $28 to $34. But fans of Knob Creek bourbon may find their favorite whiskey in short supply this summer as the brand’s bottle warehouses near Clermont, Ky., are empty and the next batch of aged whiskey won’t be ready until November.

So, is this due to poor planning by Knob Creek or an increase in Bourbon consumption by US Citizens?

Code Red & Forced Vaccinations?

This is pretty scary stuff…  Forced vaccinations?  This video is worth 8 minutes of your time.  Let me know your thoughts!

The CIA World Factbook

cia-sealI’ve been downloading the CIA World Factbook for almost a decade. It’s one of those unusual publications that’s full of all kinds of information about every country on earth.

The Factbook dates back to 1981 (at least publicly) and can give you some great background on the politics surrounding world events.  The electronic version is free to download and the print publication can be purchased for $80.

Check it out and see what you think!