It’s HOT Outside So It’s Time for a Blog Update!

This is one of the first weekends this summer I’ve spent the majority of my time inside.  Between the cycling, kayaking and fishing it’s been a wonderfully busy summer and it passed by quickly.  So here we are during the first weekend of FALL and the temps are in the 90’s.  I thought I’d share some updates about what’s been going on.

I found a box of Pearl Sugar in the pantry the other day & decided to break out the waffle iron for another round of Liege Waffles.  I wrote about these back in 2011 and they are worth the effort.  My only caution is they will gum up your waffle iron with caramelized sugar.  Cleanup is best done after things have cooled down so the hardened sugar can be chipped off.

After spending a lot of time riding the Monon trail these past few months I decided to mount my little GoPro Session to the handle bars and start recording some of the ridiculous stuff  seem to  encounter every ride.  I’ll post some video after my next ride.

On the Podcast front I’ve discovered several new ones this summer.  The ones I found to be the most entertaining are:

Twenty Thousand Hertz – Dallas Taylor does an amazing job bringing you “the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds”.  My favorite episode so far is the story behind the NBC chimes.

Week in the Knees – Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, the guy who lived on MacDonalds for a month, is back with a weekly recap of the news you might not have head about.

Countdown – Detailed stories about 10 of the most incredible space missions during the race to the moon 50-years ago.  Lots of NASA audio recordings and interviews make it a very well produced podcast from Time Magazine.

After driving near this place for years I finally stopped in the little town of Brookville Indiana and checked out the amazing Brookville Reservoir.  We spent several weekends this summer kayaking and fishing this place and absolutely love it.

Brookville has a great tail water below the dam that’s stocked with rainbow and brown trout.  When the conditions are right it’s an awesome place to fly fish.  The reservoir itself has a lot of bass and other native Indiana species.  We’ve had success fishing from the bank and from the kayaks.  Since it’s only a 90-minute drive from home it’s an easy place to go for a day trip.

I’m looking forward to more beautiful weather this fall.  I need a few more weekends on the water and bike before packing everything up for the winter!

…To be continued

How To: Getting Personal Documents on Your Kindle

If you have a Kindle this is a must read…  The Gadgeteer, one of my favorite tech blogs, has a great writeup on how to get just about any document on your Kindle.

Incidentally, The Gadgeteer, founded by Julie Strietelmeier,  is based out of Columbus, Indiana.  Not exactly a place were you’d expect one of the big tech blogs to be located!

There are several ways to convert and transfer documents to the Kindle.  Some methods are free and other cost a few pennies per MB.  Either way you do it if you want the most convenient way to transport and access documents while traveling the Kindle is definitely the way to go.

Blogs I’m Following (Part 2) – Food

OK, this list is going to be tough.  The Food category of my RSS feeds is comprised of 42 of the 199 sites I follow.  I just can’t get enough of the food sites.  From recipes to reviews there’s a little bit of everything in here.  I’m going to list my “top 10” in no particular order.  Several of these links are local to the Indiana/Indianapolis area.  I love hearing about new places to try around town.

The Amateur Gourmet – One of the things I love about this site is the ever changing header image (think Google).  This guy has written a book (that I need to read) and has a really good mix of news, humor and recipes.

Would I Buy It Again? – These guys have introduced me to new places to try in and around Indy and warned me of ones to stay away from.  Great concept & the articles are short and to the point.

Indianapolis Restaurant Scene – This site always has great imagery that goes along with very well written posts.  Definitely one to refer to often for restaurants around the Indianapolis area.

All tenderloins, all the time – This one is funny.  Rick and I have known each other for years (through my old website) but have never actually met (we seriously need to fix that).  I love the focus on reviewing just one thing, the humble tenderloin (an Indiana classic) and reviewing it very well.

Indianapolis Amy – Amy has a great mix of recipes and reviews as well as seasonal posts and observations. Amy always covers several subjects with each post and its always a great read.

Serious Eats – This is a national blog with several interconnected sites (like A Hamburger Today).  Lots of good information & updated very frequently.

Chez Pim – I was attracted to Pim’s site from the photography alone.  She’s been posting “Food Porn” for years and sometimes you feel like you’re in the kitchen with her.  Pim has been on several food shows and has a line of food products she’s developed.

Food Obsessed in the Midwest – Another new Indy food blog that’s caught my attention.

Indulge In Indy – This site focuses on locally owned restaurants and products produced by Indiana businesses. New Recipes – I used to get all of my recipes from Food Network, but not anymore. Epicurious has it all & then some. The newsletters are always a great read and the site covers just about everything in the culinary world. I’ve fixed many impromptu meals after seeing an article on this site.

Bonus Link:
Food Network Humor – I had to throw this on in here for good measure.  It’s not always safe for work (or the kids) but it can be VERY entertaining. I just hope the FN Stars take it all with a grain of salt (pun intended) as its usually all good fun.

Do you have a favorite food blog that you can’t live without?  Tell us about it in the comments section.

Part 3 will wrap up the series with some of the more unusual blogs that are on my list (No, LOLCats will not be on the list).  Part 1 of this series can be found here.