Year: 2014

The BEST Way to Spend the Next 12-Minutes and 8-Seconds

All you need is a 845 bhp 1965 4-wheel drive Mustang, 50+ GoPro cameras, and a little cooperation from the LAPD…

Oh, and you need a little skill too!

Ken Block never fails to amaze with his precision driving.  You can tell from all the skid marks this was done with a few takes (and who knows how many mistakes).  It’s still damn entertaining and some of the best driving I’ve seen in a long time (if not ever).  LOTS of coordination went into this for sure.

Things IT People Never Say…

I mostly agree with this…

Apple Pay Competition Has Some Work to Do!

As Dan Frommer on Twitter points out:


Oh I’d MUCH rather have a 2-foot receipt to deal with than just Touch-Pay-and-Go </Sarcasm>

When Your 15-Minutes of Fame Are Up…

You host the Halloween party at a Southern Indiana Casino!


6-hours With an iPhone 6…

…and so far I like it!

apple-iphone-6Quick review now & I’ll probably do a more in-depth one in a few weeks.

It’s larger than the 5s it’s replacing and about as big as I’m willing to go with a phone.  NO WAY was I going to even think about the 6 Plus.  The Apple leather case is a great addition that gives enough grip to keep me from dropping the phone every time I pick it up but not so much that you can’t easily slip it into your pocket.

119The release of iOS8 has caused just about every application I use to issue an update (or two) & that seems like all I’ve done is update apps this afternoon.   I still have a few that are crashing (like DropBox) & I’m hoping the next update will resolve that.

I’m fortunate that my employer pays for me to get the latest and greatest gadgets to help test before we deploy to 300+ engineers who have no patience for things that don’t work (the way they want them to).  If you have an iPhone 4/4s/5 it’s worth considering an upgrade.  If you’re already using a 5s you’re not going to see that much of a difference (yet).  I’m very excited to see how the mobile pay application works once it comes online in October.  And I’ll have to admit the watch look pretty damn interesting too.

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