Can it Get Any Lighter?

beerOn a recent business trip I was at dinner with some co-workers and the restaurant had a special on “Miller Genuine Draft (light) 64” (MGD-64).  The price was right so I thought I’d check it out.  Being a fan of Miller Lite (96 calories) I figured it would be pretty close in taste.

Amazingly, I think I like the MGD-64 better than Miller Lite!  Now, it’s not something I would drink with a gourmet meal.  I reserve the use of Chimay and the various Micro-Brews for those occasions.  If you’re going to do it, you MUST do it right!

I just got wind from a co-worker that Budweiser has thrown down the gauntlet and just released Bud Select 55.  Are we in store for the zero-calorie beer sometime in the next decade??

All I know is the “ultra-light” beers are a nice alternative to the Imports and Micro-Brews.  I look forward to keeping a supply of these around for the upcoming football season!

3 thoughts on “Can it Get Any Lighter?”

  1. I’ve been drinking MGD light for years, and I think its kinda ironic that as a fat kid I’m now drinking a “diet” beer.

    Not sure how I feel about it…

    1. I like Chimay Red & have a GREAT beef recipe I use it in. I’ll post it on the Blog shortly.

      Thanks for stopping by & commenting on the blog! I love your concept & enjoy every post at WIBTA!

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