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Daylight Saving Time Increases Energy Use in Indiana?

The New York Times Freakonomics (opinion) section has an article saying Southern Indiana actually used 1% more electricity after DST was implemented.  I for one actually enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the summer & was happy Indiana finally passed the bill that was debated for the past 10 years.

Metals in Wine Linked to Cancer and Parkinson’s?

The Daily Mail Online in the UK had an article that goes against the current theory that a glass (or two) of wine a day can have benefits to your health.

The article sites a study claiming that some wines contain dangerously high levels of naturally occurring metals such as copper, zinc and nickel.  Risks are in order by country:

1. Hungarian, 2. Slovakian, 3. French, 4. Austrian, 5. Spanish, 6. German, 7. Portuguese, 8. Greek, 9. Czech, 10. Jordanian, 11. Macedonian, 12. Serbian

Other than the occasional bottle of French Bordeaux, German Reisling & Spanish Sauvignon Blanc I don’t recall having wine from the other countries listed so I feel a little better after reading the entire article.

Is there anything out there that won’t kill you?

Warning: Oxygen Can be Used as a Tool for Terrorism!

Are you kidding me?  The US Army warns of Twitter dangers, seriously?  A properly trained Chihuahua could be used as a terrorist tool if you threw it hard enough (ha).

Why Are We so Against Nuclear Power?

The March issue of GQ had a really intriguing article titled “Meltdown” that raises a lot of questions regarding the use of Nuclear power in the United States. Interesting takeaway: The Nuclear “waste” we’re so worried about disposing of contains Plutonium that we could be using to power the plants! It’s being recycled in other countries with great success…

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