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Metals in Wine Linked to Cancer and Parkinson’s?

The Daily Mail Online in the UK had an article that goes against the current theory that a glass (or two) of wine a day can have benefits to your health.

The article sites a study claiming that some wines contain dangerously high levels of naturally occurring metals such as copper, zinc and nickel.  Risks are in order by country:

1. Hungarian, 2. Slovakian, 3. French, 4. Austrian, 5. Spanish, 6. German, 7. Portuguese, 8. Greek, 9. Czech, 10. Jordanian, 11. Macedonian, 12. Serbian

Other than the occasional bottle of French Bordeaux, German Reisling & Spanish Sauvignon Blanc I don’t recall having wine from the other countries listed so I feel a little better after reading the entire article.

Is there anything out there that won’t kill you?

Pipeline bursts at Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay

Sooo, all that profit & they can’t spend the time or money to keep everything working?  Pipeline bursts at Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay. To busy counting the profits I guess!

Arkansas Woman Revives Chicken With CPR

Nice when family contributes to the Blog!

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Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner?

The New York Times had an interesting article about how men and women are percived and treated at various eating establishments. While I think it’s still common to seat women first & perhaps serve them first as well, some of the “old school” details were very odd…  Seating women along the wall so they can see the room?  never heard of that one!

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