FICO Medication Adherence Score

It may just be me but I think this is going a little to far. What happens if you are scored “low”? How do you dispute an inaccurate score?  Can you be institutionalized for not taking your meds?

From the New York Times article:

The FICO medication score is based on publicly available data, like home ownership and job status, and does not rely on a patient’s medical history or financial information to predict whether he or she will take medication as directed. So, like a credit rating, it can be compiled without a person’s knowledge or permission.

Here’s a link to the FICO site that gives additional details.

I’d love to hear from those of you in the health care industry.  Do you support this kind of program?  How can we be assured it’s not taken too far?


Parking… My Rant

What is it with people and parking?  Is it that hard for you to put your car between the two lines?  Are you really saving that much time by parking, with your hazards blinking, in the Fire Zone?

And handicap placards… don’t get me started.  I guess you can get these at the local 7-11 because it seems like every pudgy person in the tri-state area has one.  You are going to be walking inside the mega-mart, do you really need special parking?  I once saw a person with a handicap parking placard RUN into the store!

Then you have the selfish bastards…  These people, with their “my car is soooo special I need to segregate it from yours” mentality love to make up spots to rest their chariot.  Please don’t be concerned about the flow of traffic around you, the safety of your fellow man, or the fire hydrant you are oh so conveniently blocking.

Before I get accused of being a hypocrite because of MY personal parking habits, allow be to explain my logic.  You see, I don’t want to park next you your 4×4 with the giant swinging doors.  I don’t want to park next to your mini-van you used to transport your 16 screaming hyper children.  I don’t want to park next your beat-up grocery getter.

Where I DO want to park is away from all of that.  I want to park in the back of the lot, in my own single space.  I want to be away from your drama and come out to find my car all by itself right where I left it.  No new mysterious door dent, no shopping cart resting against the bumper, and no $80,000 import parked 6-inches from my door.

Is that to much to ask?

Dear Howard Schultz (Chairman and CEO of Starbucks)…

Dear Mr. Schultz (Chairman and CEO of Starbucks),

First of all I would like to thank you for your company and products. I appreciate the ability to spin around 3 times and  face one of your establishments when I stop.  I also appreciate the ability to use all of those $5 bills I have cluttering my wallet on a Venti Cafè Americano.

What I DON’T appreciate is watching 3 cars in your drive-thru being serviced for every one customer inside.  Look, I actually parked my car (in the designated spot) and walked into your store to make my purchase.  I can tell you’ve spent a lot of money trying to impress me and liberate more $5 bills from my wallet.  You’re a business, I get that.  Sometimes it works!

I find it absolutely infuriating to place my order and watch drink after drink from the “outside” be processed in front of mine.  You always have twice as many Baristas working that tiny little window than you do the big expansive counter.

The little treats you put out for me are a nice touch but the guy in front of me always seems to have taken the last one.  The sole employee manning the inside counter is too busy helping the window to notice.  As a point of reference I actually SAVE you labor costs as I put my own flair in my drink at the little self serve counter!

All I’m asking for is a little respect when I enter your store, after all, I’m taking the time to enjoy the “experience” and I might even stick around and visit for a while.  I assume that was your intention when you started oh so many years ago.

Please Mr. Schultz, please consider the customer who cares.  The customer who sees, and buys, all of those leftover holiday items in January to free up shelf space for the Spring Collection.  The customer who uses your free wireless services you have invested in.  The customer who cares enough to bring this matter to your attention.