Do You Twitter?

I’ve been playing with Twitter for a few months & I’m starting to get hooked!  Twitter, for those of you new to the concept, allows you to broadcast a short message (similar to an SMS message) to all of your friends (or “followers”).

It’s a great way to keep up with friends/family. Now that I have an iPod Touch (more on that in a later post) its even easier to stay up to date on all of the Twitter happenings.

So, do you Twitter?  Follow me (IndyScan) & see what I’m up to!

Pandora Radio – Works Without An iPod Too!

Pandora Radio – Listen to Free Internet Radio, Find New Music.

Just went to the page & typed in one of my favorite bands (The Smiths) and BAM, I now have a Smiths channel!  Pretty darn cool & free to boot! Some of the suggestions are spot on. Several bands I completely forgot about are showing up in the playlist. I’m hooked!