Grabbing a Bite Between Flights…

airplaneThe New York Times travel section had an interesting article today about the quality of food in today’s airports.  DFW has to be my all time favorite place to have a layover.  If you can’t find a good place to eat here you’re not looking hard enough!

Along those lines has a fun blog dedicated to the humble in-flight meal of today and meals of the past.  Pretty cool stuff!

30 Skippers Start Non-Stop Around the World Solo Race

The BBC NEWS is reporting the start of a 27,000 mile round the world solo yacht race that left France today.  They also have some interesting info regarding the technology used to complete this incredible journey including a look at a futuristic communications console that the skippers use to navigate around the world.

Coast to Coast in 32 Hours 7 Minutes

I’ve been following the guys at 32 Hours 7 Minutes eagerly anticipating the release of their film.  The Cannonball Run lives on!  I would like to officially go on record & request sponsors for my next big project…  32 Hours 6 Minutes Correction (from Alex Roy himself) 31 Hours 3 minutes…  I’m also accepting applications for co-pilots…

Thanks for the correction Alex! 🙂

CORRECTION, 31 Hours 03 Minutes…!