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Solar Tower – Use Convection to Generate Electricity

This is a pretty amazing way to generate electricity from convection.  Unfortunately this Solar Tower is huge (3281 feet)!  It would be really neat to see this concept on a smaller scale at a local science fair…

Do you Hulu?

Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. Great place for free content, especially when traveling!

Little Gordon Ramsey

If you’re a fan of the foul mouthed British chef Gordon Ramsey, you’ll like this!

Amazing Music Video

A UK band took advantage of the estimated 13-million (YES, 13 MILLION) CCTV across Britain to make their music video. They filed the UK equivalent of the Freedom of Information Act to get access to the videos. Really creative way to get the message out!

Digital Grunt

Can you relate?

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