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After shopping the Friday night a week before Christmas my daughter and I stopped at Yogokiss for a little treat.  She’d spotted the store on our way to the keystone Mall (from the sneaky back way on 96th St.) and mentioned she wanted to try it.

Having worked in a locally owned Frozen Yogurt store in the 80’s (what goes around comes around) The layout of Yogokiss was very familliar.  Put a couple of dual-head freezer machines along he back wall, setup your topping station, and offer a few drink alternatives.  I did not see (or smell) the traditional waffle cones but they did have a waffle (ala Eggo) maker for what looked like some kind of diet busting YogoWaffle sandwich.

Since spending time behind the counter of one of these establishments my fondness for frozen yogurt has been pretty lackluster.  I ate enough of it back then to set me for a lifetime.  Having been a while since I last had frozen yogurt I decided to give it another go.

Yogokiss had all the traditional flavors that evening; Chocolate, Vanilla, Coconut…  They also had two I had never seen; Soy Vanilla and Taro!  I’m a Soy Milk fan but the Taro flavor caught my eye.  I’ve always wanted to try Hawaiian Poi and hoped this was a close, albeit frozen, substitute.  I asked for a sample and it was love at first taste.

The thing that really impressed me about the Yogokiss product was the texture.  It was probably the smoothest and densest frozen yogurt I’ve ever had.  I’m sure that’s attributed to the ingredients and the machinery used to freeze the product.  If I had to guess the frozen yogurt machines are churning very slowly to minimize the incorporation of air into the product.  It’s difficult to quickly produce any kind of large quantity with this method but it’s worth the outcome.

Taro frozen yogurt with Mochi, Peanuts, and Chocolate Chips

Toppings ranged from the traditional nuts and candy to fresh fruit and the not-so traditional Mochi pieces.  My daughter ordered a small Coconut with coconut flakes, almonds, and chocolate chips.  I ordered a small Taro with mochi, peanuts and chocolate chips.  Both flavors were very good but the chocolate chips became quite hard after being chilled by the yogurt.  I think I’ll opt for something softer next time.

Prices at the time of our visit (all come with your choice of 3 toppings):

  • Kids $2.95
  • S $3.95
  • M $4.95
  • L $5.95
  • XL $9.95

Having been out of the frozen yogurt scene for years I’m glad to see it coming back (or did it ever leave?).  I’ve never been that big of a sweets fan and one of the things I always liked about frozen yogurt was the low sweetness factor.  Yogokiss has me wanting to eat more frozen yogurt!

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