Luchador (Spicy Beer Cocktail)

Chow (a great online food site) had a recipe for a drink I have never heard of before.  Being a fan of spicy foods I had to share.  I’m planning on trying a few of these this weekend & I’ll be sure to provide a full report.

Chocolate Covered Bacon Among State Fair Attractions

ChocoBaconChocolate Covered Bacon Among State Fair Attractions

THIS might actually get me to go to the State Fair this year!

Passive Aggressive Notes

FOUND_6_cover_small Found a great photostream on Flickr.  It’s all about Passive Aggressive Notes people have received/found.  It’s definitely good for a few laughs but not nearly as funny as Found Magazine!

Health Complaints Linked to Former NASA Site

hazmat1The Los Angeles Times had a story that questions the safety of a studio lot in Downey, CA that was once home to a NASA facility.  Termed the “Downey Flu” at least 34 employees have filed workers comp claims over illnesses claimed to be from the facility…[MORE]



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