Ten years of BlackBerry

Online tech site Engadget has a great article titled Ten years of BlackBerry.  Having just moved to Blackberry myself this year, but supporting them for clients for years, I’m VERY impressed with the device.

I remember the day we were all issued 2-way pagers & thought we were on the cutting edge of technology!  Then I moved to several versions of the Palm operating system and then finally Windows CE & Windows Mobile.

Enter the Blackberry.  With its dizzying array of notification options and amazingly fast email delivery it’s the tool that allows me to stay mobile and productive.  Corporate users owe it to themselves to make sure their IT department uses BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) to manage their devices.  It really does make a difference!

Individual users have to use BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) which has been plagued with several major outages in 2009 alone…  Not a good way to keep your customers happy & something I hope they resolve soon!

Congratulations to RIM (Research in Motion) and 10 years of success and evolution with their Blackberry products.

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