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I’ve been playing with Twitter for a while now & have worked it into my daily routine (for the most part).  I started looking at who my followers are following & discovered there are a lot of celebrities and cast members from my favorite shows using Twitter too!

It’s pretty interesting to see how big media is changing the way they operate and actually getting involved in alternative ways to reach the consumer.  I for one have no problem receiving tweets from characters on my favorite shows.  Kind of keeps you engaged in the storyline between episodes.

Here are some of the Twitter accounts I’ve found so far:

The Office Cast:

  • Creed_Bratton
  • FancyNewBeesly
  • JimHalpert
  • MichaelScott
  • dwightkschrutetwitter-logo

Media Outlets

  • nytimesnational
  • CBSnews
  • NBCNews
  • cnnbrk
  • wibc
  • wthr
  • wrtv

Other accounts of interest:

  • richardbranson
  • homersimpson
  • StewieGriffin
  • StephenColbert

Unfortunately a lot of these accounts are not updated very often (others update WAY to much!).  I think they grabbed the account when they could so they could use it in the future.  I’m sure there are also some people pretending to be certian people/characters as well.

If you’re not using twitter you should try it out.  It’s a lot of fun to see what your friends are up to as well as keep up with breaking news and events!

One thought on “Interesting Twitter Accounts”

  1. If you like DIRTY humor you should check out @vh1mrboston. This guy is a trip although I find it quite perverted. WARNING: Not for people who get easily offended

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