Month: May 2012

The Story of “Send”

Google put together an entertaining animation showing what happens when you click the “Send” button in your email application. The Story of Send explains the various steps an electronic message goes through to get to its intended recipient.  It’s actually pretty amazing that we can send a message anywhere in the world in a mater of seconds.

Google’s also trying to show you what a “Green” company they’ve become.  In actuality being “Green” can save a company a lot of money in operating costs so it’s kind of win-win for business and the environment.  Just about every large company on the planet is looking for ways to decrease operating costs and if it happens to have a positive environmental impact that’s just free PR they can spread about.

I’m still waiting for someone to figure out how to efficiently extract Hydrogen from water and capture the remaining Oxygen (which could also be used as fuel).  Seems like a pretty good (clean) way to produce energy to me!

iPhone – Did I Make the Switch?

It’s been just shy of 3 weeks since I turned off the Blackberry and started testing the iPhone as a potential replacement.  In that time I’ve had the opportunity to install/uninstall software, test accessories, and perform an operating system update (all without issue or lost data).

Yesterday I wiped the Blackberry and turned it in (along with some ribbing from the guys at work).  I really didn’t think it would come to this but I’m going to admit it, I like the iPhone.

The iPhone is not perfect my any means (what piece of technology is?) but it’s preformed quite well during my testing phase.

While testing I made some mental notes along the way:


  • Application Availability – If you can think of it there’s probably “an app for that”.
  • Build Quality – Solid with tight tolerances and attention to detail.
  • Screen Resolution – I can actually read PDF files now!
  • Overall Responsiveness – Very little delay between user input and system output.
  • Camera – Forget the Mega Pixel count, the optics are very impressive for a phone.
  • Audio Output – Loud and clear.
  • Messaging – iMessage, FaceTime & just about every Social App available.
  • Productivity – Full Exchange Compatibility (with the addition of a 3rd party application*)
  • Location Based Reminders – Arrive/leave a location and get reminded of something you need to do at that time (Example – Set the trash out every Wed when you get home from work).


  • Battery Life – If you use the phone at all you’re going to have a hard time getting through the day on a single charge (I found a solution I’ll discuss below**).
  • On-screen Keyboard – I’m slowly getting used to it and the auto correct has not burned me (yet).
  • Data Network – I seem to lose 3G coverage more than I did with the Blackberry.
  • Software Limitations – Some Apps I could use (like a Wi-Fi scanner) are not approved for use by Apple Corp.  This is resolved by Jail Breaking, so I hear…
  • Siri – This has SO MUCH potential if it would just do more than basic functions.

* TaskTask a $4.99 app fixed the issue with Outlook Tasks not syncing with the iPhone.  This would have been a deal breaker for me if the app did not exist.  I live and die by my task list (Insert GTD fanboy laugh here).

** As discussed in a previous post the PhoneSuite Elite solved by battery issues.  I can use the iPhone all day without any worry of falling offline due to a low battery.

Some applications worth mentioning:

  • Remote Controls – I can now control Roku, iTunes, Media PC and the U-Verse DVR from the iPhone.
  • Games – Words with Friends is pretty addictive as are any of the EA Games titles.
  • Dragon Dictation – This app is built in and does an incredible job of turning spoken words into text.

So there you have it, yet another move to a new platform.  Let’s see, in the last 20+ years it’s been:

  • Pen & Paper
  • Casio Address Book
  • HP Palmtop
  • Motorola Pager
  • Motorola 2-Way Pager
  • Motorola Star-Tac
  • Palm (several models)
  • Windows Mobile (several models)
  • Blackberry (several models)
  • iPhone 4s

Who knows what the future will hold but it the past is any indication it’s going to keep getting better and better.


Verizon Takes the Lead on Text to 911 Services

Interesting press release from Verizon detailing how they are working with US 911 centers to allow SMS messaging vs. calling 911.  Turns out this may not be a bad idea as there are situations where speaking to the 911 operator could be dangerous.

There are already services in use at stadiums where patrons can send an SMS message to security to alert them of rowdy/disruptive fans (good idea if you ask me).

From Engadget:

The FCC first outlined its intention to allow texting to emergency services back in 2010, and since then despite more talk of accepting photo and video messages, nothing official came to be. This week, however, Verzion has taken the initiative, and announced its own plans to enable text to 911 for its customers…[MORE]


Lane Splitting

Just read an article about “Lane Splitting” and had to get a better understanding of what they were trying to describe. Believe it or not, this is LEGAL in Europe and some US States like California.  Looks like a way to speed up your departure from the land of the living if you ask me…

Why Moore’s Law will collapse

Prepare to get a little Geeky with this explanation of why Moore’s Law is coming to an end.

I’m going to have to agree with a lot of the comments on YouTube about what a great presenter Michio Kaku is. Very informative and easy to understand. How often can you say that about a Theoretical physicist?

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