Technology in Use – The McRib Locator

It’s back for a limited time and you can track one down here.  I’m talking about the McRib from McDonalds and I learned late last week it has a cult-like following.  There’s even a website (McRib Locator) that tracks sightings and a Twitter account for live updates.

Given that McDonalds rotates the McRib on and off the menu at seemingly random times the fans of the ground pork patty smothered in BBQ sauce had to turn to technology to help communicate sightings.  For what it’s worth, the McRib is available year round in Germany.

While researching the McRib for this blog post (not a lot of researching mind you) it was interesting to note the sandwich debuted in 1981 marking its  30th anniversary this year.

As of today the McRib is starting to show up in the Indianapolis area so if you’re a fan or want to try it for the first time, you better act fast!

From NASA – Astronaut’s Photography Manual

Although somewhat simple and dated this manual is a relic of the space age that’s coming to an end.

I’m sure photography in the vacuum weightlessness of space has it challenges, especially when orbiting around the earth at 15,000+ MPH.  With that kind of speed your lighting is going to constantly change and you really need to understand your camera.

A lot of the images we associate with space travel were taken with Hasselblad equipment it remains the main tool for ultra serious photographers.

If you’re interested in learning more about exposure settings and composition this 40-page manual is worth checking out.

Banks to Make Customers Pay Debit Card Fee

From the New York Times – Banks to Make Customers Pay Debit Card Fee

I guess this is one way for the banks to make up their losses with the low interest rates.  I’m sure none of us like this & there’s not a lot we can do about it!  Maybe this will spark more interest in Credit Unions (until they start doing this too).

One way to possibly avoid these fees is to go back to a cash based society (until the banks start charging for cash).  I’m pretty much a cash free consumer who normally has less than $20 in his pocket at any given time (except for vacation for some reason).  I like the ability to track spending and budgets.  I find myself spending cash and not remembering where it all went when its gone.

So far a lot of the major banks seem to have jumped on this fee band wagon.  Only time will tell if this becomes the norm or if the expected consumer backlash has an impact.