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  • 2023 Week 20 – The Asian Invasion

    2023 Week 20 – The Asian Invasion

    I ended up out at the track twice last week for work events. Tuesday was wet, and there were no cars on the track, so I ducked out after the event. Thursday was beautiful; the cars were out, turning laps and dialing things in. I always end up at the track every year for a…

  • 2023 Week 19 – Giddy Up

    2023 Week 19 – Giddy Up

    I Spent most of last week on PTO in the Texas Hill Country and loved every minute of it. I flew down to San Antonio, picked up my better half, who was down there for work, and drove north to Comfort, TX, about 45 minutes northwest of the city. When I booked the Trip, Enterprise…

  • 2023 Week 3 – Sorry, Have a Salad and Warm Up

    2023 Week 3 – Sorry, Have a Salad and Warm Up

    Sorry about those warm weather comments last week. I feel responsible for the snow we have now and, and the snow we’re supposed to get this week. Mea culpa. Are people still into the Zodiac Sign thing? I hadn’t heard anyone mention Signs for a long time, then I ran across an article on Eat…

  • 2022 Week 26 – AMPed Up

    2022 Week 26 – AMPed Up

    I checked out a couple of new lunch spots while working in Downtown Indy these past few weeks. The AMP at 16 Tech was our spot for lunch while conducting a site tour in the area for an upcoming Board Meeting (we typically rotate these around the city). The AMP is a food hall with…

  • 2022 Week 4 – Pizza & Chill

    2022 Week 4 – Pizza & Chill

    I’m not sure what took me so long, but the Sun King Tasting Room at Fishers District has become a regular hangout lately. I’ve eaten from the three rotating food stalls since its inception but never really stuck around much more than that. However, now that I’m writing more and looking to get out of…

  • Saturday Morning Rides

    Saturday Morning Rides

    I’ve set the alarm nice and early these past few Saturday mornings and getting some miles in on the Road Bike.  The weather last weekend was 100% humidity and super foggy around Geist Reservoir.  Lucky for me there are some great paths to use and avoid the vehicular traffic in the area. Yesterday morning was…

  • 2013 Fishers Freedom Festival Fireworks

    2013 Fishers Freedom Festival Fireworks

    The rain stopped just in time for the show to go on.  All photos shot with a Nikon D2X, 50mm f1.8 set to around f14 and manual exposure using a remote trigger.

  • 2012-03-24 – Fishers, Indiana

    2012-03-24 – Fishers, Indiana

    Just a few pictures from the local train station.  All HDR images are made with 9 bracketed images and joined using Photomax Pro.  

  • Fishers – The Chatham Tap

    Fishers – The Chatham Tap

    Located in the heart of Fishers along 116th St The Chatham Tap opened in 2010.  There’s another location on Mass Ave in downtown Indy.  During its first year my wife and I visited and, although we enjoyed the brew, we did not care much for the grub.  It was very bland, under seasoned and just…