NutriSmart Prototype Embeds RFID Tags Directly Within Food!

Amazing potential use for RFID technology.  I can see this being a huge benefit to dieters and persons with various food allergies.  Like anything else though, there’s a dark side to this too…  Insurance companies could use this data to deny you coverage, databases of your food consumption could be created…

NutriSmart from HannesRemote on Vimeo.

Blogs I’m Following (Part 3) – Misc.

This is the third and final installment of my favorite Blogs and RSS reeds on the Internet.  This is a small sample of the other sites I follow.  Everything from comedy to crackpots to cigars.  I hope you find something new in the list.

FAIL Blog – If you like seeing people paying the price for stupid actions this is the site for you.  There’s usually some pretty good signage mistakes too.

The Oatmeal – I’m really not into modern-day cartoons and comics (Dilbert is lost on me & The Far Side no longer exists) but this guy hits my funny bone just about every time.  Fair warning, these are usually not kid friendly or safe for work.

David Allen Company – In my opinion Getting Things Done (GTD) is the best life management system ever created.  I started with the book, attended the seminar, and intently read every newsletter from the David Allen Company.  This guy is a former hippie (for lack of a better term) turned entrepreneur and productivity demigod.  If you are looking for an alternative to all of the other systems, give this one a try.  It’s been truly life changing for me.

The Art of Manliness – From shaving to shoe shining to being a better man, this site has it all.  Sometimes it’s a little “old fashioned” but the articles are well written and have a lot of good content.  This concept would make a great magazine.

ThinkGeek : What’s New – The premier geeky toy store in the internet.  It’s also one of the best sources for everything caffeine (and bacon) related.  Where else can you buy Caffeinated Marshmallows?

Cool Tools – Not as active as it once was but you can still learn about such things as the Bombproof laptop case and Dependable soldering irons.

No Agenda – This podcast stars former MTV VJ Adam Curry & and tech columnist John C. Dvorak.  It covers mainstream and not so mainstream media.  Always good for a laugh and exposure to a new conspiracy theory.

Daily dose of imagery – As a photo hobbyist I always enjoy seeing other peoples work.  More often than not I get inspiration from these images.

Every Day Carry – I always called it “Being Prepared” but there’s a cult following to the Boy Scout motto.  This site posts user submitted images of their EDC items.  From watches to knives to guns, it’s all there.  I’ve found a few neat tools on this site that I’ve added to my daily carry.

Cigar Aficionado – The website is a treasure trove of information to the cigar enthusiast.  Just about all of their back issue articles are online and the review database is a great resource.

So there you go, some of the more non-traditional items that pique my interest.  If you have read all three posts you can probably put together a more accurate picture if me and my lifestyle.  There’s a few things you probably don’t know about too.  Stick around and check the blog for future posts.

Part 1 & Part 2 of this series.

Blogs I’m Following (Part 2) – Food

OK, this list is going to be tough.  The Food category of my RSS feeds is comprised of 42 of the 199 sites I follow.  I just can’t get enough of the food sites.  From recipes to reviews there’s a little bit of everything in here.  I’m going to list my “top 10” in no particular order.  Several of these links are local to the Indiana/Indianapolis area.  I love hearing about new places to try around town.

The Amateur Gourmet – One of the things I love about this site is the ever changing header image (think Google).  This guy has written a book (that I need to read) and has a really good mix of news, humor and recipes.

Would I Buy It Again? – These guys have introduced me to new places to try in and around Indy and warned me of ones to stay away from.  Great concept & the articles are short and to the point.

Indianapolis Restaurant Scene – This site always has great imagery that goes along with very well written posts.  Definitely one to refer to often for restaurants around the Indianapolis area.

All tenderloins, all the time – This one is funny.  Rick and I have known each other for years (through my old website) but have never actually met (we seriously need to fix that).  I love the focus on reviewing just one thing, the humble tenderloin (an Indiana classic) and reviewing it very well.

Indianapolis Amy – Amy has a great mix of recipes and reviews as well as seasonal posts and observations. Amy always covers several subjects with each post and its always a great read.

Serious Eats – This is a national blog with several interconnected sites (like A Hamburger Today).  Lots of good information & updated very frequently.

Chez Pim – I was attracted to Pim’s site from the photography alone.  She’s been posting “Food Porn” for years and sometimes you feel like you’re in the kitchen with her.  Pim has been on several food shows and has a line of food products she’s developed.

Food Obsessed in the Midwest – Another new Indy food blog that’s caught my attention.

Indulge In Indy – This site focuses on locally owned restaurants and products produced by Indiana businesses. New Recipes – I used to get all of my recipes from Food Network, but not anymore. Epicurious has it all & then some. The newsletters are always a great read and the site covers just about everything in the culinary world. I’ve fixed many impromptu meals after seeing an article on this site.

Bonus Link:
Food Network Humor – I had to throw this on in here for good measure.  It’s not always safe for work (or the kids) but it can be VERY entertaining. I just hope the FN Stars take it all with a grain of salt (pun intended) as its usually all good fun.

Do you have a favorite food blog that you can’t live without?  Tell us about it in the comments section.

Part 3 will wrap up the series with some of the more unusual blogs that are on my list (No, LOLCats will not be on the list).  Part 1 of this series can be found here.

Blogs I’m Following (Part 1) – Technology

I’m a hug RSS feed fanatic.  As of this writing I’m tracking 199 RSS feeds with Google Reader and using Feedly on top of everything to present it in an organized manner.  I read everything from technology to food to entertainment & a few other genres.

Over the next few posts I’m going to share some of my favorite feeds.  This time we’re going to start with technology.

Lifehacker – If you like to tinker, this site is for you.  Lots of fun things to do with common (and not so common) things around the house and office.

Crackberry – If you use a Blackberry, this is the site that will keep you informed about your addictive little device.  There are several imitators but this one is the best.

The Gadgeteer – A tech blog with an Indiana connection.  I’ve been following Julie and her reviews for years.  This site has a daily “deal of the day” that can save you a lot of money. – A new (at least for me) Indiana tech blog with daily podcast.  It definitely has potential to grow and I’ve been impressed with what I’ve seen so far!

The Wall Street Journal – Technology – My new “national newspaper” site now that the NY Times went to a pay model.  I actually like the reporting better & never thought anyone could dethrone David Pogue.

Engadget – This one just about rounds out (and covers) everything.  sometimes there are more posts per day than I can follow, but a really great source of information nonetheless.

The list above just covers the top tech feeds I follow daily.  There are others that I check out a few times a week.  What are some of your favorite RSS feeds?

Next up…  My favorite Food links!