Sewers at Capacity, Pollution Spills Into Waterways

It was drizzling lightly in late October when the midnight shift started at the Owls Head Water Pollution Control Plant, where much of Brooklyn’s sewage is treated.

A few miles away, people were walking home without umbrellas from late dinners. But at Owls Head, a swimming pool’s worth of sewage and wastewater was soon rushing in every second. Warning horns began to blare. A little after 1 a.m., with a harder rain falling, Owls Head reached its capacity and workers started shutting the intake gates. [MORE]

Food Inc. = Worth Watching

Watched Food Inc. last Friday night and although it had a lot of information already covered in other documentaries it was still a good movie.  If you are interested to see just how far the food industry has come in the past 100 years this is an eye-opening film.

It’s sad how the food industry is controlling the farmers and determining how they run their business. Unfortunately I fear this is just the beginning.  I’m really glad to see the increasing number of Farmers Markets and Co-Ops in the surrounding towns.  This is definitely a trend I hope continues!

Give Food Inc. a try & if you can, watch it with your kids as they are the generation that will ultimately end up living with the choices that are made by us today.

Health Code Violations at Lucas Oil Stadium

no-foodFrom WTHR:

Indianapolis – 13 Investigates has found repeated, critical food safety violations at Lucas Oil Stadium. Health inspectors have been flagging the food, saying those type of violations put customers at risk. [MORE]

Although it’s not “unusual” for eating establishments to have minor health-code violations (if you look hard enough you can always find something), it’s pretty disturbing that the new football stadium in Indianapolis has been found with so MANY violations.  It’s also a little troublesome that it took some bad press from a local TV station to get the persons responsible for the situation to actually do something about it…

Next time I go to a Colts game, I think I’ll brown bag it!