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  • 2021 Week 49 – Odds and Ends

    2021 Week 49 – Odds and Ends

    The Big 10 Football Championship was in Indianapolis this week, and we had a flood of visitors from Michigan and Iowa on Saturday. It wasn’t much of a game as Michigan smashed Iowa 42-3 but it’s always nice when the city can host such a big event. I checked out the Guggman Haus brewery on…

  • Best Beer Commercial I’ve Seen In a Long Time

    Best Beer Commercial I’ve Seen In a Long Time

    Some People Call This ‘The Best Beer Ad Ever’.  After Watching It, I Might Have to Agree.  This would be a HUGE success as a Super Bowl Ad.  Especially if there were multiple chapters.

  • Broad Ripple – The Sinking Ship

    Broad Ripple – The Sinking Ship

    Spending some time on my on this week I decided to start checking out all of my “wish list” items on Urban Spoon.  The Sinking Ship jumped out at me that Sunday morning and I decided to head down to Broad Ripple for lunch to check it out. With a tagline claiming they’re “Putting the…

  • Cincinnati – Hofbräuhaus Newport

    Cincinnati – Hofbräuhaus Newport

    On a recent visit to the Queen City my daughter and I decided to have a late lunch at the Hofbräuhaus in Newport Kentucky.  This place is a German Style beer hall complete with the traditional “Oom-pah Band” and can get quote crowded in the warmer months.  Good thing they have a big Bier Garden…

  • Fishers – The Chatham Tap

    Fishers – The Chatham Tap

    Located in the heart of Fishers along 116th St The Chatham Tap opened in 2010.  There’s another location on Mass Ave in downtown Indy.  During its first year my wife and I visited and, although we enjoyed the brew, we did not care much for the grub.  It was very bland, under seasoned and just…

  • It’s Super Bowl Commercial Time!

    It’s Super Bowl Commercial Time!

    One of my all-time favorites…

  • Indy Cigar Bar

    Indy Cigar Bar

    Forget the lectures about cigar smoking, I don’t care (seriously I don’t care).  I enjoy a good cigar and if you don’t like it, stay away from me when I’m smoking it!  If you like to enjoy a cigar and don’t like being relegated to the porch or garage I have a place for you…

  • Introducing: Beeri

    Introducing: Beeri

    Guys + a lot of spare time + a video camera = Beeri What a great world we live in. Beeri from redpepper on Vimeo.

  • Beef & Beer Stew

    With a little beer left over for the Chef!