One Noodle at a Time in Tokyo

NOT far from Waseda University in Tokyo, around the corner from a 7-Eleven, down a tidy alley, lies a ramen shop that doesn’t look like a ramen shop. In fact, Ganko, as it’s called, doesn’t look like anything at all. There’s no sign, no windows, only a raggedy black tarp set like a tent against a tiled wall, with a white animal bone dangling from a chain to signal (somehow) what lies within. [MORE]

Man Fights Back Episode 37 Now Available!

Another exciting episode from Studio H!

Small format change where we merged Indiana & National news.  Looking for your feedback on the overall content and flow of the podcast.  We’re doing this for FUN but we also want to make sure it’s ENJOYABLE for those of you listening to it!

Download Episode #37 here

Which Knife Sharpeners Make the Cut?

Which Knife Sharpeners Make the Cut? – WSJ.COM

I usually take my cutlery to the local gourmet shop twice a year but I’m tied to the once-a-month schedule that the mobile sharpening service has.

Never really thought about sending my steel to someone via UPS but it definitely would make it easier to schedule!  Having a sharp knife not only makes the job easier it actually has been found to make it SAFER since you have more control and use less force.

Do yourself a favor & keep your knives as sharp as you can and make sure to use a honing steel before each use!