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The Final Piece of the Cord Cutting Setup

I just realized the cord cutting “experiment” I started 2 years ago is still going strong so I think we’re beyond experimenting & it’s become a lifestyle.  I’ve not run into any real issues but managing an antenna for each TV was a bit of a pain.  Not having DVR capabilities made catching some shows (like F1 races at 2am) a little more difficult.

I’ve been waiting for a new type of antenna to come out for over a year.  The Mohu Airwave is a device that allows you to get access to Over the Air (OTA) content from various devices on your Network.  No more running COAX cable or antennas to every TV.  Now your web-enabled devices (Smart TV, AppleTV, Roku, iPad, iPhone, etc.) can stream LIVE OTA content!

After mentioning the Airwave and the past due release to the Executive Chef at Kibbyhanas I learned of an even better product that’s available NOW!  The HDHomeRun line of products connect to your home network just like the AirWave and are 100% compatible with the PLEX DVR service.  This meant that not only could I get rid of all the ugly antennas in the house I could also DVR any OTA program free of charge using my existing setup and storage.

To setup the HDHomeRun you need to connect it to a WIRED Ethernet connection and connect an HD antenna.  I put everything upstairs in the corner of a room so it was out of sight had had better line of sight to the TV Transmitters.  Now that I have everything setup I may be moving things to the attic on the other side of the wall.

A bonus I quickly discovered was my Smart-TV treated the HDHomeRun signal on the network just like a COAX input so all the automation I had set up would continue to work like before.  Win-Win all around!

The only negative I can say about all of this is your network needs to be able to handle the amount of wired and/or wireless traffic generated by multiple HD streams.  I have a slight bottleneck in my setup that should be resolved soon with a new (faster) network switch.

If you’re looking to make OTA content available on more devices on your network and like the idea of getting rid of antennas on all your TV’s you should check out the HDHomeRun line of products to see if they might be right for you.

Dark Side of the Moon

Found this video on Reddit that shows the other side of the moon.  The side we don’t see looks a lot different!  This would make an awesome screen saver…

The full rotation of the Moon as seen by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter:

Time-Lapse Magic (Repost)

10-04-2017 – Still one of my favorite time-lapse videos of all time.  I happened to find it again while cleaning up some old posts on the blog & thought I’d repost for those of you who might not have seen it the first time.

02-16-2012 – I’m experimenting with time-lapse Photography and it reminded me of this fantastic example.  This is a cross-country drive from LA to NY in an old convertible.  The imagery is mesmerizing and the music is very catchy.  If I can come up with something 1/10th as good as this I’ll be very happy.  Enjoy!

Olivier Gondry – Lacquer – Behind from GOOD EGG HQ on Vimeo.

Fishers to Edinburgh in 2 Minutes

GoPro Time Lapse – Driving for about an hour and compressing it into 2 minutes.

Breaking Clay & Geeking Out

A client of mine took me Skeet shooting in late 2014 and again this spring. I have to say I’ve really gotten into it.

There’s a really nice range no more than 10 minutes from my house so it’s pretty convenient to go down on the weekend to make some noise and break some clay (as they say).

I ended up getting my own shotgun and everything! Like any “hobby” there are many accessories you can get.  I’m slowly starting to get all the bits and pieces together & fit in with the regulars.  Still need a vest though…

Pro Tip: Wal-Mart has the BEST prices on Ammo!  25-50% cheaper than everywhere else.

If you know me you know I’m kind of a geek (true story).  When I bought my shotgun it came with a rebate.  It wasn’t a cash rebate it was a TECH rebate!  The rebate was a “TactaCam” that mounts on the barrel of the gun & lets you shoot HD video of your hunt (or skeet in my case).


The Tactacam can also be setup to automatically takes pictures at a rate of 1-frame a second so it works perfectly as a time-lapse camera.  Here are a few videos from our first outing:

The camera had slipped to the side and we didn’t notice it for a while.  After this outing we determined we needed to change the mounting point as well as use the closed back to cut down on the noise of the firing mechanism.

The TactaCam has a 4x zoom that’s equivalent to a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera.  That means what you see is what you get.  It’s not a wide (fisheye) view that you get with the GoPro and the picture quality is pretty amazing.

Pretty neat toy to play around with and we’re looking forward to finding other uses for the TactaCam.  Might be a good additional camera when we’re out shooting with the GoPro.

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