Month: November 2010

Viva la Taco Town!

I’m sure one of these days it might just come to this!

Follow-Up: Fox News “Car Chase”

I could only find this piece of Fox News “journalism” at work.  Still laughing when I think of how they were following this guy through the streets of Miami calling it a “Police Chase” there were NO police around!

Fox News – Oops, we thought it was a High Speed Chase!

Sitting in McDonald’s this afternoon watching Fox News… They broke into whatever they were covering to broadcast a car chase in California Miami. The local news copter was following a car that was all over the road & speeding like crazy in and out of traffic. The driver eventually pulled into a parking lot, put on a work shirt and walked into a building. They zoomed out and there were NO POLICE CARS! They were reporting this as a high speed chase & all they had was a guy driving like a lunatic to WORK! Funniest thing I have seen in a long time. It was the “Car Chase That Never Was”!!! Trying to find a video of it. Priceless.

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