Outside Order Takers at McDonalds

Whats going on with the trend for McDonalds to put drive thru order takers outside? When I stop for fast food I’m not always sure what I want and like to look at the menu board to help make my decision. Placing the order taker outside the visual range of the menu board (which is usually where they are located) really messes me up and I default to whatever I can remember the restaurant having vs. trying one of their specials.

The other day I ran into this situation & the order taker was using a Panasonic Toughbook tablet that I know from recent experience easily costs $2500. That’s a lot of cheeseburgers.

Is the ordering kiosk not working? That kind of makes sense, but if that’s the case, put the person by the actual menu not around the corner 50+ feet away. I don’t need to have an enlightening conversation to grab a Big Mac, the squawk box is just fine by me.

One other thing, remember when they used to USE the 2 drive thru windows?  I see a lot of them sealed up and used for storage…

2 thoughts on “Outside Order Takers at McDonalds”

  1. I dont like the outside order takeing, why put someone outside in 90 degree or 30 degree weather,,, put that person inside and GET MY ORDER RIGHT!!! McDonalds worries to much about speed, and not enough time on Getting It Right.

  2. I don’t understand this either. They now have 3 people outside. One takes your order, the second person takes your money to the payment window, and the third person gives you your food. It makes no sense

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