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2022 Week 28 – Pew Pew

July 1, 2022, was the first day of Constitutional Carry in Indiana. This means if you’re 18 or older and a person not otherwise prohibited from possessing a firearm, you may legally carry a gun throughout the State. Previously you had to obtain a License to Carry a Handgun (LCH) through an application process. Yes, you had to jump through a few hoops like getting fingerprinted and visiting your local Police Dept to submit paperwork, but overall it was not a big deal.

In my opinion, the LCH process prevented lazy, law-abiding people from carrying firearms outside the home because it was too much work to go through the licensing process. But, unfortunately, bad guys will carry anyway because they don’t care about the law, so this had no impact on them. Law enforcement agencies are not happy about the new law either (rightfully so).

So we now have three types of people carrying firearms:

  • 1. The bad guys, who have always carried illegally despite the law
  • 2. People who were licensed correctly (and probably go to the range on occasion)
  • 3. Individuals who can now carry as of July 1 but probably shouldn’t because they have no idea what they are doing or how their firearm works (let alone the legal repercussions should they ever discharge their weapon).

The third person scares me as much or more than the second. Time will tell if this Constitutional Carry law increases violence in Indiana. Some states have had similar laws for years with reportedly no ill effect. I hope my fellow Hoosiers can follow the same path and behave themselves.

We’re halfway through the year, and I’m still enjoying the weekly post format of the Blog I started in 2021. I hope you have been too. I usually collect ideas throughout the week and spend some time on Sat/Sun looking back on the week to create a post that’s usually out each Sunday evening (or earlier). It’s a great way to share things I find online throughout the week and gives me a reason to do some creative writing every week.

I touched on this back in 2015 at the end of my GoPro Review. One or Two spaces after a period when writing (typing)? Slate said to stop doing it back in 2011; The Atlantic was still discussing it in 2018, so will there ever be a consensus on this? Two spaces were the norm when typewriters were in regular use, which was a long ago. I guess it’s just a habit that’s hard to break. While writing this, I just noticed that double-tapping the space key on any of my Apple products will insert a period AND only ONE space after the period. I’m not sure when that changed, but If it’s the same on Windows, maybe it will be easier to change! Grammarly asks me every time I draft a blog post if I want to use one space or two. I chose one for this one ūüôā

And finally… You might have noticed it’s a little warm out, with it being Summer and all. I’m not one for hot drinks unless it’s cold out, and the beverage’s heat will warm me up. However, I’m a cold drink fan, especially in the morning, and when it comes to morning caffeine, if I have any, it’s usually in the form of Cold Brew.

You can purchase Cold Brew Coffee just about anywhere and pay a small fortune, or you can buy something that helps you make it at home for a fraction of the price. My initial foray into Cold Brew was years ago with the Toddy Cold Brew System ($40). It did a good job and produced at least a 7-days worth of cold brew concentrate. The only issue was that it’s bulky, and you have to replace the fiber filters every couple of uses.

Then we converted to the KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker ($85). This little thing is built like a tank with glass, stainless steel, and a non-drip spout that makes dispensing your concentrate simple and mess-free. It doesn’t make as much concentrate as the Toddy (they now have a larger model that does), but the filter basket is made from a stainless mesh and is dishwasher safe, so there’s nothing to replace. After several years it’s going strong and allows me to keep a batch of cold brew concentrate in the fridge ready to go!

Indy – Henry’s Coffee Bistro

I’ve driven past Henry’s Coffee Bistro many times when working downtown. ¬†I had some work to get done before visiting one of my clients and needed somewhere to work for a while. ¬†Since I was driving down East St it seemed like a good time to check out Henry’s. ¬†The free parking on the north side of the building was a big plus since there was NO street parking to be found in the area.

I was a little surprised that the place was empty at 9:30 am and so was Mike the lone employee behind the counter.  We had a pleasant conversation and he proceeded to tell me about the place and some of their offerings.  I settled on a sausage and egg croissant and an Americano coffee.

The Bistro has a nice variety of food and drinks and the walls are covered with interesting artwork that can be purchased. ¬†The location on East Street just south of Mass Ave, and adjacent to the Nestle Inn, makes it a little hard to find the first time (if you’re not familiar with the area).

The sandwich was much bigger than I was expecting and it hit the spot. ¬†The coffee was served in a large ceramic mug and was perfectly prepared. ¬†Before I left another small group came in for what looked like a meeting/interview but other than that the place was pretty quiet and not busy at all. ¬†I hope it’s just because of the inclement weather we were having at the time because I’d hate to see this place go out of business.

I’m always looking for nice little places to tuck into and get some work done between meetings, or just to get out of the office and have a nice change of pace. ¬†I’ve had my share of meetings at the Coffee Chain’s and will always choose something local if I have the option. ¬†The vibe and atmosphere are always better.

Henry’s is open for breakfast and lunch daily and I’ve been told the place is pretty busy for Brunch on the weekends. ¬†If you’re in the area check it out and let me know what you think!

Henry’s Coffee Bistro
627 East St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Local Starbucks Fights the Ghetto Latte

Now that it’s getting cold outside hot coffee is starting to sound good to me again. ¬†I usually only drink hot drinks in the winter while preferring cold any other time. ¬†I’ve enjoyed¬†iced coffee all summer since¬†its easy to make using a concentrate I get at the local store.

meh_coffeeRemembering I had some money on my Starbucks account I stopped at the location¬†near my office. ¬†It’s been a while since I’ve been in here because the service is well below average. ¬†They seem to dedicate all of their staff activity to the drive-thru and, even today, they were serving 3-4 people in the drive-thru to every one person in the store.

After I ordered my plain coffee & walked over to the condiment bar for a splash of¬†half-and-half. ¬†Wait a minute, the stainless steel thermos¬†is missing! ¬†The guy standing next to me saw what I was looking for and said “you have to ask them for it”.

So back to the pickup counter I go and I waited to get someone’s attention. ¬†The employees were too busy tripping over each other to get the orders out the little window to notice me standing¬†there. ¬†After a few moments I got one of the worker bees attention. ¬†“Cream?” I asked. ¬†She was already reading my mind and grabbed a little paper cup and proceeded to pour¬†out a couple of ounces of the heavy moo juice. ¬† I asked, “do you have one you’d like me to put out on the station”, thinking I would be a nice guy and do them a favor. ¬†“No” she said. ¬†“We keep it back here now so it doesn’t run out as fast”.

Then it hit me. ¬†The Ghetto Latte has gotten so bad they have to ration out the dairy¬†to keep people from¬†cheating the system. ¬†I assure you this is a real thing. ¬†I’ve seen it time and time again where people turn a couple of shots of espresso over ice into one (or in some cases when they ask for an extra cup) two Lattes saving themselves a few dollars in the process.

cheap_coffeeWay to stick it to the man cheap skate. ¬†I’d be willing to bet that’s your idling car parked crooked in the handicapped spot too. ¬†Bonus points if you’re talking on your speaker phone while oblivious to everyones personal space the entire time you’re in the store.

So once again, those who take advantage of things make it¬†inconvenient for others who go with the flow. ¬†Say what you want about Starbucks. ¬†I know it’s over priced and there are better options out there. ¬†In this case it was a choice between office coffee (usually empty), a small Keurig we have in our area (meh, I don’t get the pod thing), or something slightly better.

I’m curious if this practice of keeping the half-and-half behind the counter is a isolated thing at this particular Starbucks or if this is a common practice at other coffee shops too. ¬†Anyone else witness a Ghetto Latte in the making? ¬†I’d love to hear your stories!

Starbucks VIA‚ĄĘ Ready Brew

Starbucks VIAIf you are looking for a “quick” cup of coffee throughout your day the new Starbucks VIA‚ĄĘ Ready Brew is worth trying out.¬† I’ve been a little critical lately of how my local Starbucks handle drive-thru traffic vs. the customers in their store…¬† The new offering from Starbucks means I don’t have to go inside the store as often!

Ready Brew is made with Instant & “micro ground” coffee and available in two flavors (Colombian & Italian Roast).¬† All you need is 8oz of hot (or cold) water & you’re in business.

How does it taste?¬† Pretty darn good!¬† I’ve had instant coffee before and it’s always been disappointing, but it was better than nothing.¬† Now with Ready Brew I can enjoy my favorite caffeinated beverage while traveling and just as easily at home (if I have the time I’ll still grind my own beans and use my french press).¬† Coffee Beans Close Up

Starbucks VIA‚ĄĘ Ready Brew is available at all Starbucks store locations now and online at the end of October.¬† 12-8oz servings will cost you $9.95.

Have you tried Starbucks VIA‚ĄĘ Ready Brew yet?¬† Let me know if you liked it or not by clicking on the comments link below.