Month: November 2014

The BEST Way to Spend the Next 12-Minutes and 8-Seconds

All you need is a 845 bhp 1965 4-wheel drive Mustang, 50+ GoPro cameras, and a little cooperation from the LAPD…

Oh, and you need a little skill too!

Ken Block never fails to amaze with his precision driving.  You can tell from all the skid marks this was done with a few takes (and who knows how many mistakes).  It’s still damn entertaining and some of the best driving I’ve seen in a long time (if not ever).  LOTS of coordination went into this for sure.

Things IT People Never Say…

I mostly agree with this…

Apple Pay Competition Has Some Work to Do!

As Dan Frommer on Twitter points out:


Oh I’d MUCH rather have a 2-foot receipt to deal with than just Touch-Pay-and-Go </Sarcasm>