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Suspect Picks a Ford “Escape” to Make a Break For It

Interesting morning in Indianapolis.  Got an alert from the WTHR app & turned on the scanner.  Police report this guy was hitting 120 mph on the interstate (although according to TopSpeed.com the limit is estimated at 108 mph).  Luckily no one was seriously injured when he blew the intersection and T-Boned another motorist, throwing that car on the sidewalk and striking a cyclist.

From WTHR – Indiana Metro Police have identified a man arrested Thursday morning after a high-speed chase that ended in a crash in downtown Indianapolis… [MORE]

13 WTHR Indianapolis

Physicist uses math to get out of a traffic ticket

Where was this guy when I got my last ticket?

From Engadget – When most folks get ticketed for running a stop sign, most people wind up writing the court a check. UC San Diego physicist Dmitri Krioukov wrote a mathematical paper instead.


Filipino Traffic Cop Doing His Job…

…Like A Boss.  There are other videos of this guy but the MJ music just makes it work.

Rookie Mistake? [NSFW]

LOL, Gotta put it in PARK!

Binocular-Sized Laser Speed Gun Released & In Use!

New LIDAR unit that works in all weather

New LIDAR unit that works in all weather

Attention Carmel, IN drivers!  I spotted this unit in use by a couple of CPD Motorcycle Officers.   It will work rain or shine & will probably lead to a HUGE increase in speeding tickets!