Thai & Me

I’ve found a new food love… I’ve been hitting up the various Thai places around the north side of Indy (I still have a few more to visit in this area alone). So far none have disappointed.

I’ve had Thai food before & always enjoyed it but it was nothing I would seek out.  I don’t know what happened but I started craving Pad Thai a few weeks ago.  It might of had something do with a sub-par experience from what was once my favorite sushi spot.  I needed something different.

There is definitely a BIG price difference between the lunch and dinner menu (and you get the same amount of food!).  I’ve also noticed these places seem to have quite the carryout business as well.  I’m a dine-in kind of guy.  I think the food testes better when you eat it right away vs. 30 min later out of a Styrofoam container.

I’ll post some reviews after I get a little more adventurous and move over to the curry side of the menu.

What’s your current food favorite?

The Amazon Kindle

I’ll be the first one to admit it… I don’t read for fun nearly as much as I should (or want to).

When Amazon launched the first Kindle in late 2007, I really didn’t take notice.  By the time Generation 2 came out in early 2009 I knew I had to have one.  I was traveling weekly for work and found myself with more downtime in the evening than I normally had when I was at home.  Being limited to a book or magazine in my suitcase was not the preferred option as my preference for subject material changes quite frequently.  It’s not unusual for me to have several books/magazines going at one time.

The clincher for me was the “Whispersync” technology that keeps all of your various reading material synchronized between devices.  By devices I mean not only the Kindle but your PC, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and iPod Touch.  This feature allows you to purchase and share kindle content among the various electronic devices you use every day.  A prefect example of this in use was when my wife wanted to read a book on the Kindle.  I was able to grab the laptop and continue reading my own book that I had been working on previously.

Whispersync is the feature that pushed me over the edge from “want to need” and convinced me to purchase a Kindle sight unseen.  They were not available in the traditional brick and mortar stores until recently so I read enough positive reviews that I took the plunge.

The Kindle display uses Electronic Ink which is amazing.  After spending all day working on a computer it’s actually refreshing to stare at the Kindle screen.  It looks like ink on paper and works perfectly inside and out.  There is a slight “flash” as the page refreshes as you turn the digital page.  It’s noticeable at first but you end up not even noticing it after a while.  The Kindle only uses power when it’s refreshing the screen or communicating wirelessly.  When it’s “off” there’s actually pictures (screen savers) on the screen.

Speaking of communicating wirelessly, the Gen 2 version I own has a built in AT&T 3G data card in it.  It’s free to use for the life of the device and allows for the wireless sync as well as some basic web browsing via the built in browser.

Battery life with the 3G radio disabled is measured in weeks (2-3), even with daily reading sessions of an hour or more.  With the 3G turned on your battery life drops to 4-5 days.

The new Generation 3 devices have an even better display and a lower cost from the previous generations.  I could go on and on about what a great device the Kindle is.  It only does one thing but it does it very well.

West Coast Tacos

People living on the east and west coasts have had the luxury of food trucks for years. In 2010 this concept, that’s all but unknown in the Midwest, came to Indianapolis. West Coast Tacos, managed by Arnold Park, John Ban & Trent Davis, has hit the city by storm.

The group uses Social Media to spread the word about their ever changing locations and menu items.  The Twitter/Facebook feeds also provide a platform for their growing fan base to sing their praises and communicate with the staff.

The West Coast Tacos truck can regularly be found in Broad Ripple catering to the late night crowd; sometimes staying open as late (or early) as 3am.  Other times they are roaming the city streets setting up at various locations for the lunch crowd.  I wonder how many customers they recognize from one shift to the other…

I was fortunate enough to have West Coast Tacos at my workplace for lunch a while ago & was very happy with their offerings.  In that case it was 3 soft tacos with their ever popular salsa.  My second visit was in Fishers shortly after the debut of the Fried Rice Burrito.  It was even better than expected!

West Coast Tacos definitely fills a niche in the Indy food scene and I hope to see more innovation like this in Central Indiana.  The possibilities are endless for would be entrepreneurs, from BBQ to Pizza to Chinese food.  The food truck has grown up and is bringing some fun and excitement to the area.  Welcome guys & best of luck!

West Coast Tacos (Mobile Food) on Urbanspoon