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  • 2022 Week 2 – Don’t Look Up!

    2022 Week 2 – Don’t Look Up!

    It’s starting to get cold in Indianapolis after record warm temps in December. I’m ready for spring to get here so I can get back outside and off the couch. Also, I’m hoping the rental car situation improves this year because I’m dying to make a trip to Portland, Maine, to do some hiking, fishing…

  • Track Movies Like You Track TV with Letterboxd

    Track Movies Like You Track TV with Letterboxd

    I’ve used TVShow Time! (now called TV Time) for over a year and it’s been a great resource to keep track of show’s I’m watching and shows I want to watch.  I always wished there was a similar tool out there for Movies.  When I reached out to the developers at TV Time I was told…

  • Shocker – Netflix Needs Cash

    Shocker – Netflix Needs Cash

    After a summer of mistakes Netflix is finding itself short on customers and cash.  They are trying to raise $200 million through the sales of bonds.  I think that should cover the lost revenue from losing 1-million customers in a quarter. I used to LOVE Netflix but a 60% membership hike and a dismal choice…

  • Online TV – Which Network Does it Right?

    Don’t you hate it when your favorite show gets interrupted by local or national news events?  This is especially true when using a DVR and you might not realize your show was preempted until a week later. Enter the streaming features just about all of the major networks are using as another avenue to get…

  • Popcorn’s Dark Secret

    Sitting in a dark movie theater with your friends and a tub of buttery popcorn sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday night – and it could be, if you are willing to share your popcorn with the entire row of moviegoers around you. [MORE]

  • Do you Hulu?

    Hulu – Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. Great place for free content, especially when traveling!

  • Just watched “Juno” last night…

    WOW, what a great movie!  Juno had me from the very beginning.  Great cast, great story & quirky music that was very appealing. If you’re looking for something a little different, give it a try & let us know what you thought of it!