Thanks Jack Black, You’ve Changed My Morning!

If you know me, I’m the kind of guy that has a 5-o’clock shadow at 10 AM.  I’ve tried all kinds of products in search of the elusive “perfect shave”.

I started shaving in the shower years ago & it definitely makes a difference and it actually shortens the morning routine, as well as eliminates the need to clean out the sink all the time.  I’ve tried a lot of different pre-shave oils,  various razor configurations and shave creams/lotions/foams.  In the end pretty much thought my routine produced the best shave I could achieve.jack-black-school-of-rock

Then I see the ad in one of my magazines for a product called “Jack Black Beard Lube“.  My first thought was, “here’s another crappy product with a celebrity name slapped on the front in the hope that it will sell a few more units”.  Seriously, that’s what I thought…

After a little on-line research I discovered the name of the product was just a coincidence and Jack Black is actually a well known manufacturer of quality grooming products.

jack_black_beard_lube_conditioning_shave_with_jojoba_and_eucalyptus_177mlAvailable on-line and in high-end department stores, Jack Black beard Lube comes in a 3 oz or 6 oz tube.  It’s not your typical shaving product as it is extremely slippery and goes on practically clear.  It’s mild menthol scent is refreshing first thing in the morning and it rinses cleanly off the skin.  You only need a quarter sized amount to cover the average sized face so a 6 oz tube should last you 5-6 weeks.

At $17.oo for the 6 oz size, it’s certainly more expensive than the $0.99 stuff in the can but, in my opinion, it’s worth every penny.  I get a shave that’s so close the 5-o’clock shadow actually shows up at 5-o’clock!

If you have a heavy beard or you’re wanting to know what a perfect shave really feels like, I encourage you to try this product out.  Next to my C.O. Bigelow Bay Rum cologne Jack Black Beard Lube is my favorite tool in my personal grooming kit!

The Spy Factory

Watched Nova last night & they had  great piece regarding the NSA and the events of 9/11.  If you have the time, I encourage you to check it out online.  They have the episode broken up into 5 chapters.  I thought this was a really well produced show on the communication issues within the US government and how the breakdown contributed to the 9/11 disaster.