Data Center Overload

DataCenterThe New York Times Magazine has a great article that details the “behind the scenes” word of the data centers that make our online world possible.   Data Center Overload starts out with a question I’ve asked myself lately…  How are all of these online games possible?

It used to be next to impossible to play a computer game with once person on the other end of the modem, let alone hundreds!

It’s a pretty long article, but definately worth the read!

Feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you need to ditch the gadgets!

powerplug-380x281The folks at Lifehack always have thought provoking articles. This one struck a particular note with me.  The times I’ve actually went without the gadgets were far more relaxing than wit them.

Unfortunately the blinky/beepy things put food on the table, so I can definately see myself taking some of the suggestions in the article to heart… on the weekend!