Morse Code: How to Translate and Use it

The Art of Manliness had a neat article about a dying language; Morse Code.  Several years ago the language of Morse code started to be phased out in the maritime and aeronautical industries.  I’m happy to say it’s live and well in the Amateur radio hobby, but for how long?  With the influence of the Internet and Generation y/y/z, how long can it really survive?

One thought on “Morse Code: How to Translate and Use it”

  1. DON’T SEND PEOPLE TO THE ART OF MANLINESS ARTICLE ON MORSE CODE!!! ITS THE WRONG WAY TO LEARN IT! HE JUST MESSED UP ANYONE THAT FOLLOWED HIS ADVICE! YOU SHOULD NOT POST ON TOPICS YOU ARE CLEARLY NOT EDUCATED FOR! Learn the sound first! go as far as you can b-4 going to learn the written characters for the sending part! If they listen to Brett who wrote that article they will start counting the — and …. and it will cause them to get upset when they cant copy good enough or fast enough! Take 5 mins to gather info on this! I AM RIGHT!!!!! DON’T LET THAT ARTICLE HURT OTHERS PLEASE! MANY PEOPLE HAVE QUIT LEARNING BECAUSE THE "LOOK AND SEE, OR COUNT THE DOTS AND DASHES STOPS ALL PROGRESS! PLEASE PLEASE REMOVE THE LINK!!!! I LEFT A RESPONSE FOR BRETT ON THE MANLINESS SITE! ITS SAD!
    Signed, A Ham Radio Morse Code Operator! and proud of it!

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