Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner?

The New York Times had an interesting article about how men and women are percived and treated at various eating establishments. While I think it’s still common to seat women first & perhaps serve them first as well, some of the “old school” details were very odd…  Seating women along the wall so they can see the room?  never heard of that one!

One thought on “Old Gender Roles With Your Dinner?”

  1. It actually gets to the point where its hilarious… My wife and I have had waiters take the check and card from my wife, but then come back and hand it to me… Even though it plainly says “Gabrielle” on the card. I think its kinda funny, but my wife gets pissed! She’s actually written “Sometimes the woman pays!” on the check, and tipped the waiter less because of it!

    It is crazy how in our society so many things can be equal between men and women, but the silliest of customs seem to hang on. Just try buying a car for a woman… Guarantee half the salespeople will try to talk just to the man even though you’ve made it very clear its going to be her car and its her final decision.

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