Rant – Valet Parking on the North Side

Picture this…  You’re taking your spouse, date, etc. out to a nice dinner in the Northern Indianapolis Suburbs .  When you pull into the parking list you see the Valet Parking sign…  What do you do?

Me?  I drive on by and find a parking spot.  In most cases parking is available right there in front of the restaurant.  I assure you Mr./Ms. restauranteur, I know how to park my car and I’m more than capable of walking the 100 feet to the front door of your place of business.  I don’t need to hide all of my valuables in the glove box and give the valet key to a total stranger you have employed to park my car in the same spot for me…

Now in the case of some crafty establishments (Bonefish for example) they block off 25% of the already too small parking lot and you are all but forced to partake in their elaborate scheme to squeeze a few more gratuity dollars from you.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually LIKE eating at Bonefish, I just think their valet parking service is crap.

Some of the higher end eateries (Peterson’s, Eddie Merlot’s and Sullivan’s) also have this service.  The funny thing is they are surrounded by parking and it takes longer to get your car than it does to just walk to it!

Valet parking at the “Fashion Mall” cracks me up too…

Head to downtown Indy or a city like Chicago where parking is all but non-existent and the Valet concept makes more sense.  I still self-park when I can but have been known to turn my keys over from time to time (especially when the weather is bad (and I tip well for it)).

What’s the appeal of Valet parking on the north side?  I just don’t get it.  Please educate me…

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