The Spyderco Cricket – Pocket Knife

spyderco-cricketI attended the Indy 1500 Gun & Knife Show this past weekend & picked up a few new toys.  One of my favorite purchases is the Spyderco Cricket pocket knife.  The Cricket is a super small folder with some unique properties.

The first thing you will notice is its size.  This thing is THIN!  It actually uses part of its outer shell to lock itself open.  This reduces the amount of parts, the thickness and the overall weight.

The Cricket weighs in at 1.75 oz and had a blade length of just under 2-inches.  While this sounds like it mat not be that useful, it’s the perfect size for an every day utility knife.

The Spyderco line uses a large thumb hole in the blade to assist with single handed opening and closing.  I’ve carried a Delica model for years and have always been pleased with its performance.  The only problem I encounter is that it’s not that pocketable and the telltale clip sticking out of your pocket does not work when wearing dress pants.

The cricket is totally pocketable and the clip can be removed to make it even thinner.  This knife opens easily and locks with a satisfying *click* that you feel more than hear.  Closing is as simple as pushing the locking bar out of the way and (carefully) folding the blade back in.

The VG-10 stainless steel blade used in a lot of the Spyderco models holds an edge very well and is easy to sharpen should it become dull.  I usually send my blades out to be professionally sharpened at least twice a year.  At just over $80 the Spyderco Cricket is not the least expensive mini knife out there but in my opinion its one of the best!

This blog entry is the first in a series devoted to the “Daily Carry”.  These are items I have access to at all times, both professionally and personally.  They are the tools that I rely on day in and day out to get the job done.

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