Across the Country, Restaurants Feel the Pinch – had a great article about how the sinking economy is taking its toll on the restaurant industry.  I eat out a lot when I travel & cook as much as I can at home.  When we do go out as a family it’s usually somewhere nice (i.e. not fast/casual dining).

We took our daughter and a friend to Palomino in Indy last Sat for her 11th birthday (plus a lot of shopping afterwords, that’s another story).  The place was dead (4 other tables besides ours)!  I was really concerned that the slowness of the restaurant might have an adverse effect on the quality (I was getting ready to drop $150 on a nice lunch).  I’m happy to report the meal was great (as always), but how long can a place like this keep up the quality when business is all but non-existent?

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