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asada-tacoAfter reading a great review from local food blog “Would I Buy It Again?” I had to take a few guys from work to this place for lunch.  Since it’s only about 5 miles from the office it was a quick trip.

Taqueria Guanajuato is located inside the Carniceria Guanajuatoin grocery store at 3110 N. Shadeland Ave Indianapolis, IN.  Their website lists another location on Oliver Ave. as well as Restaurante Guanajuato, which is currently under construction at the Oliver Ave. location.

Just inside the door of the grocery you hear the music and the customers.  This place is hoppin’!  This grocery has the usual assortment of taqueria-burritoMexican staples.  if you are looking for VERY GOOD prices on dried chilies it’s work a trip to this place.  You can get a huge 1lb bag of dried Ancho’s for $4.99!

Back to the Taqueria…  Guanajuato has a special taco of the day.  When we went it was “head meat” tacos.  We skipped that for the more traditional Carne Asada.  Priced at $1.75 each, these tacos are a real bargain.  Other meats include: Chicken, Pork & Chorizo sausage.  You can also get a huge burrito for $4.00 or a Torta for around $3.50.

Each of us each ordered three steak tacos and one Chorizo burrito.  Little did we know how much food this was going to be…  The taqueria offers several varieties of commercial and homemade sauces ranging from spicy to really spicy.  For the heat freak you can even grab some roasted chilies from the big container on the counter.

TortaWe sat at the counter and watched several orders being prepared before ours.  I was really impressed with the food safety practices performed by the kitchen staff.  In fact, these guys were working full speed to keep up with the rush and did a great job keeping their stations clean. as I waited I hit up Google to translate my ticket number (99) to Spanish (noventa y nueve).

Our numbers were called one by one and we were soon pouring on the salsa and squeezing the lime juice on our tacos.  all of us agreed it was worth the trip & possibly one of the best tacos we’ve each had.  Each of us had different opinions on the burrito.  I found the Chorizo to be a little bland (but still good), another member of the party thought it was great…  Satisfied with our new found lunch spot and stuffed to the gills we headed out to the car and back to the office to tell the other members of the department of our new find.

roasted-chilesThe above visit occurred on a Friday.  The following Sunday I just had to return to this place for lunch.  My son Ian & I hopped in the car for a few errands and made our last stop at the Taqueria.  We picked up four tacos and a burrito (all steak and all for $11.99) and headed home to share the treats with my wife Carla.  I sometimes tend to over-hype a new place and when I finally get  Carla to try it, she’s not as excited as I was.  NOT the case with our food from the Taqueria!

Carla and Ian agreed these were WONDERFUL and far better than what they were expecting…  So at the end of the week Taqueria Guanajuato has five new fans who will be returning as often as possible to get a fix of Mexican goodness.  If you are looking for a traditional Taqueria, Guanajuato is worth the drive and the experience.

Got any suggestions for out-of-the way places to eat, or have you been to Taqueria Guanajuato?  Leave us a comment by clicking on the link below!

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One thought on “Taqueria Guanajuato – Indianapolis, IN”

  1. Thanks for the mention. One of the better Taquerias that I have been to and I would echo everything you said. I took my boss there and we was loving on the burrito. Burrito Joint is pretty solid too if you are on the west side. There is a review/pics, just go there and type on burrito joint on search and you will find it!

    Glad that you liked it!

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