App Tabs & Tab Groups in Firefox

OK, I totally missed these features & they’ve been a part of Firefox for several versions.  I guess thats what I get for skipping the tutorials and not reading the manual.  After it’s just a browser, right?

Firefox Tab Groups [Video Link] allow you to group together sites into collections.  This allows you to better organize all the open windows and even keep a set of pages always available (but out of the way).

Firefox App Tabs [Video Link] allow you to “pin” often used sites to your tab bar for easy access.  They can’t be deleted/closed by accident either. The cool thing is that App Tabs will actually show up in Tab Groups.

I’m digging through the Firefox documentation tonight to see what else I’ve misd.  I’ve used the sync app for years and it’s a great way to keep several computers in sync with bookmarks and even open tabs.

What are your favorite features in Firefox?

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