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Been a while since my last post so I thought I’d post some random thoughts & observations… was once a site for Indiana Scanner Frequencies (4-years ago). Interesting looking at the Blog Logs & seeing the referrals from outdated scanner lists. People are still ending up here when they look for Indy 500 frequencies… Sorry folks, not doing that anymore…

Land Shark Lager (Jimmy Buffet Beer) is, in my opinion, NOT worth the premium price!

Why is it when you order mulch the $30 per yard premium to have them spread it sounds rediculous & when you’re spreading it sounds like a bargin? is one of those web tools I wish I thought of… I just hope they don’t ruin it by implementing ads the wrong way… PLEASE offer a subscription model to those of us willing to pay for it!!!

Szechwan Mahi-Mahi @ Kona Jacks in Indy… Perfect light lunch!

Upcoming blog posts to include my review of a no-kneed bread recipe, my favorite kitchen knife & an ultra precision probe thermometer.


  1. macbigot says:

    For those for unfortunate souls that were looking for the scanner frequency directory (lo and behold, I had the domain in my own bookmarks from years ago but actually arrived here from trolling through the Twitter directory), the replacement location they should be shunted off to is:

    Will be adding you to my own blogroll when I get a moment…

  2. for kitchen knife, i would always use ceramic kitchen knifes because they are sharper and tougher than steel knifes ~-‘

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