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  • 2023 – September Time Out

    2023 – September Time Out

    I’m taking a break from the Blog for the month of September. I need to focus on other things and have not had much to share or talk about lately. I should be back in October with regular updates.

  • 2023 Week 28/29 – Catching Up

    2023 Week 28/29 – Catching Up

    What’s Going On:It’s been busy around the IndyScan household these past 2 weeks. I’m continuing to study & take practice exams for the Amateur Rario license upgrade. It’s all starting to click, and I need to get a better handle on the electronic theory to pass the 35-question exam successfully. What I’m Eating:A number of…

  • 2023 Week 22 – Wanna Trade?

    2023 Week 22 – Wanna Trade?

    What’s Going On:Sierra Trading Post (now just Sierra) recently opened a brick-and-mortar store on the NW side of Indianapolis. I remember (mail) ordering from them back in the late 80s, and you could get just about anything you needed for camping and hiking. Over the years, I had all but forgotten about them and became…

  • 2023 Week 13 – Oui Oui!

    2023 Week 13 – Oui Oui!

    We had some wild weather come through Indiana Friday night, and as of today, there are at least ten confirmed tornados south of Indianapolis and several deaths. McCormick’s Creek took a hit, and several campers were injured. We didn’t have much going on until after 10 pm, and then the wind picked up and was…

  • 2023 Week 10 – IND #1 Again!

    2023 Week 10 – IND #1 Again!

    After dealing with a back issue for the past 2 weeks, I *think* I’m finally on the mend. At least I could get out of bed easier this morning. I’m sitting way too much during the day, and I think I need a new desk chair at home. Do you have any suggestions for a…

  • 2023 Week 8/9 – Sorry I’m Late

    2023 Week 8/9 – Sorry I’m Late

    I’m finally getting into a groove with the new job and the ability to work from home some days. I typically get up early on the weekends because they are my days to do what I want, and I want to make the most of it. In January, I started an early Sunday morning routine…

  • 2022 Week 52 – Merry Christmas!

    We all have a lot to be thankful for this year. I started a new job in June that I absolutely love, and I hope to be there for many years to come. I left the rat race that is consulting in favor of an operations position with a not-for-profit I’ve worked with for the…

  • 2022 Week 49 -The End is Near

    2022 Week 49 -The End is Near

    It’s December & the year is coming to a close. I’m fortunate to work for a company that closes over the Christmas holiday, and I’m looking forward to 3 weeks of time off before I hit the ground running in 2023. I’m already counting the days until we get back to warmer weather so I…

  • 2022 Week 46 & 47 – It’s HUGE!

    2022 Week 46 & 47 – It’s HUGE!

    It looks like I missed another post last week. Work has been crazy, and my schedule has been off since last weekend due to a cold (or whatever it is going around). This should get us caught up before the Thanksgiving Holiday. After seeing a review on YouTube, I had the itch to buy some…