Coast to Coast in 32 Hours 7 Minutes

I’ve been following the guys at 32 Hours 7 Minutes eagerly anticipating the release of their film.  The Cannonball Run lives on!  I would like to officially go on record & request sponsors for my next big project…  32 Hours 6 Minutes Correction (from Alex Roy himself) 31 Hours 3 minutes…  I’m also accepting applications for co-pilots…

Thanks for the correction Alex! 🙂

CORRECTION, 31 Hours 03 Minutes…!







3 responses to “Coast to Coast in 32 Hours 7 Minutes”

  1. Alex Roy Avatar

    Better make that 31:03!
    Best, Alex

  2. Dave Maher Avatar
    Dave Maher

    ^ what he said!!!

  3. Eric Everhart Avatar
    Eric Everhart

    So about those applications for co-pilots… Do I get extra points for being family?

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