Dropbox Part II

Well, I bit the bullet and installed the DropBox software over the weekend.  WOW, it works SO much better than Microsoft Groove & it’s cross-platform so I can access my files from the Desktop, Laptop, or Mac Mini (Windows, Linux & Mac are supported).  There’s also a web based dashboard so you can get to your data from ANY computer just by logging into your account! The service also has the ability to make data public so you can share files with friends and family members.

The tool just came out of beta & the company gives you 2GB of free storage.  I’ve read in a few discussion forms they will be offering tiered pricing for people wanting more storage. If you haven’t done so already, check out the video demo on the DropBox site.  If you use multiple computers and want to have access to data from all of them this is definitely the tool for you!

2 thoughts on “Dropbox Part II”

  1. Hi,

    For ppl that don’t like Dropbox, or like to know about alternatives. NomaDesk is a good alternative.

    It gives you unlimited storage and uses delta syncing to keep your data in sync. Meaning if you change something small in a big file, it will only synchronize the bytes that were changed.

    Unfortunatly it is currently only for Windows, but a Mac and Linux client is planed.

    Anyway, I’ve only mentioned a little what nomadesk is about, I suggest for ppl that are interested to check out there site http://nomadesk.com

  2. I have used both Dropbox and Groove and I think your analysis is accurate: for a single user. I also use Dropbox to sync documents across my own machines, but that’s only a small part of what Groove does.

    Groove excels in a multi-user environment.

    Of course we are only discussing the folder sharing capabilities of Groove here


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