FINALLY Won Something on eBay

I’ve used eBay for years (always buying/never sold anything) and have always had a lot of difficulty winning auctions.  If you use eBay I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.  I’ll be winning the auction for days and at the last-minute I’ll get outbid by a “sniper”.

Well I decided to pay that game last weekend and finally won a used camera I had wanted for a while now.  It’s several years old but it’s a professional grade unit that I’m specifically interested in using for sports and time-lapse photography.

I won the auction by bidding my maximum amount 5-seconds before the auction ended.  I had been outbid so many times before I was not sure if it even worked.  A couple of seconds later I received confirmation that my last-minute bid won the auction.

Here are some tips for the casual eBay shopper that might help you win your next auction.  It’s about buying camera gear but a lot of the tips apply to other items.

Happy bidding!


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