Five Blades Really Are Better Than Three!

After a LONG run with the Mach-3 I decided to take a chance with the newest crop of razor systems on the market.  I picked up a Gillette Fusion Power razor at the local megamart & gave it a try.

I must admit I was pretty skeptical that this “new and improved” razor would be any better than my current kit.

I’m a firm believer that shave prep is what makes the difference.  I always shave in the shower after letting by shave cream of choice do it’s magic.

The Fusion razor has 5 tightly spaced blades on the front and a single blade on the back for those hard to reach places.  The Power model has a vibrating handle that is supposed to make the razors work even better.

To be honest it was love at first stroke.  There was a noticeable difference in the feel of this razor as opposed to the 3-blade unit I’ve been using for years.  The initial thought was that I was not applying enough pressure.  It just did not feel like it was doing anything.

I quickly found out it was not only doing something it was doing it with far less effort than I’ve ever had to use before!  I’m a pretty meticulous shaver and I actually ended up overdoing it.  Afterward I did have a slight case of razor burn but that was my own fault.  Subsequent uses have cured that problem  (as did a liberal use of Zirh Sooth) & I’m growing more and more impressed with this razor every day.

If you are growing tired of your current shaving regimen and you’re looking for a change, check out the Gillette Fusion series of razors.  Like anything in the shaving world, the refills are where Gillette makes their money.  I’ve read online that people are getting over a month out of each cartridge.  I can live with that!  I’ll plan on reporting back later this year with a long-term review of the Gillette Fusion Power razor.

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