Metals in Wine Linked to Cancer and Parkinson’s?

The Daily Mail Online in the UK had an article that goes against the current theory that a glass (or two) of wine a day can have benefits to your health.

The article sites a study claiming that some wines contain dangerously high levels of naturally occurring metals such as copper, zinc and nickel.  Risks are in order by country:

1. Hungarian, 2. Slovakian, 3. French, 4. Austrian, 5. Spanish, 6. German, 7. Portuguese, 8. Greek, 9. Czech, 10. Jordanian, 11. Macedonian, 12. Serbian

Other than the occasional bottle of French Bordeaux, German Reisling & Spanish Sauvignon Blanc I don’t recall having wine from the other countries listed so I feel a little better after reading the entire article.

Is there anything out there that won’t kill you?

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