New Starbucks Breakfast Sandwiches

3326499714_f18abafac8As a frequent traveler I’m often in search of a quick breakfast before starting the work day.  Although I’ll almost always pick a local brew-house over a chain, Starbucks has come to my rescue on more than one occasion.  The only thing truly missing from Starbucks was a decent breakfast sandwich.

The company’s first attempt, in my opinion, fell flat.  Although all the right components were there (bacon/sausage, egg, cheese) the flavors were bland and pretty unappealing.

Starbucks has made an attempt to better their breakfast lineup by “upgrading” their breakfast sandwich offerings to now include:

Artisan Bacon Sandwich, a flavorful bakery-style sandwich made with a parmesan egg frittata, four smoked bacon slices, and Gouda cheese on a perfectly-baked hand-shaped artisan roll

Artisan Ham Sandwich, a delightful combination featuring a parmesan egg frittata, three slices of Black Forest ham, and mild cheddar on a perfectly-baked hand-shaped artisan roll

After trying both of these (on different days (ha)) I can honestly say it’s a step in the right direction!  Both sandwiches are a lot more flavorful that the origional version and they are served nice and hot right out of the microwave/convection contraption.

Now if only Starbucks would stop closing the stores near my client sites!

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