Signal to Noise

hlg_twitter_firedI realized the other day that I really was not using Twitter as mush as i used to…  I realized that following 250+ people just created to much noise & no matter how hard I tried I just could not keep up with the noise.

So, in a last ditch effort to keep my Twitter activity alive I decided it was time to thin the herd.  Reviewing all of the people I was following made me realize i just was not interested in a lot of these people.  I started un-following with abandon & managed to trim things down to a more reasonable 100.

I’m going to make it a point to keep the number I’m following on Twitter to 100.  if I want to add someone, someone has to go…

Anyone else find twitter to be unusable over a certain number of “friends”?

One thought on “Signal to Noise”

  1. I know exactly what you mean and I followed a similar process a few months back, but the figures are creeping back up. Guess you have to be cruel to be kind and keep on trimming.

    Sandra x

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