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On Vacation – Physical & Blogging

Just got back from Washington DC where I visited my brother for Easter. Took a lot of photos and really did not have much time to blog. That place will wear you out with all the walking.

Visited some neat museums, went to a soccer game and ate some great food. I’ll be sure to share some tips for those of you heading out there in the future.

I’ll be back in the swing of things soon & I have a few ideas for future blog posts.

We’re Back Online!

Took a lot of trial & error but we’re back online with a new hosting provider! Time to get back to blogging!

We might be going off the air but we’ll be back!

Moving the blog to another hosting provider this week.  Might be an outage but we’ll be back ASAP.

Another New Look & An Update!

Still trying to find the perfect theme for the Blog.  It’s harder than you might think because of all of the “options” in the blogging software.  I might end up having to write my own!

Should have more posts this weekend as I have about 6 drafts to finish!  Lots of ideas popping into the noggin this week.

I changed the “rules” on the blog today.  You no longer have to register to post a comment.  All comments are still moderated though, just in case…