Another Odd Alcohol Concept

So we just reported on alcohol free whiskey & now we have Scotch in a Can! Perfect for the drunk (or Scotsman) on the go.

This product is scheduled to be available in the United States around the first of February and will retail for $5 a can.

You can read more about this at The Daily Mail Online.

ArKay: The ‘World’s First’ Alcohol-Free Whisky

Why in the world would someone even want to try this?  According to The Huffington Post this product “Smells Like ‘Shoe Cleaner,’ Tastes Like ‘Horse Saddle’ ”  Yum!

ArKay is described on the company website as being a “whisky-flavored drink”.  You can order ArKay online for $4 (12-ounce can) or $10 (32-ounce bottle).  Shipping per item is $5 and $11 respectively so that $4 can is going to set you back $9.

All I can say is wow…


Whiskey Hangover Worse Than Vodka, Study Says

But Whiskey tastes SO much better than Vodka! – Andrew

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