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This Has FUN Written All Over It!

Two words that should never be spoken in the same sentence, but here you go…

Another Odd Alcohol Concept

So we just reported on alcohol free whiskey & now we have Scotch in a Can! Perfect for the drunk (or Scotsman) on the go.

This product is scheduled to be available in the United States around the first of February and will retail for $5 a can.

You can read more about this at The Daily Mail Online.

ArKay: The ‘World’s First’ Alcohol-Free Whisky

Why in the world would someone even want to try this?  According to The Huffington Post this product “Smells Like ‘Shoe Cleaner,’ Tastes Like ‘Horse Saddle’ ”  Yum!

ArKay is described on the company website as being a “whisky-flavored drink”.  You can order ArKay online for $4 (12-ounce can) or $10 (32-ounce bottle).  Shipping per item is $5 and $11 respectively so that $4 can is going to set you back $9.

All I can say is wow…


Whiskey Hangover Worse Than Vodka, Study Says

But Whiskey tastes SO much better than Vodka! – Andrew

If you’ve ever had one too many drinks during a night out, you’re probably familiar with the dreaded aftermath: the hangover. Turns out, your liquor of choice could influence your morning headache. [MORE]

The Ten Most Delicious Foods to Eat When You’re Drunk – DivineCaroline


I’ll have to admit, this entire list looks pretty accurate!